The ASU has been contacted by City of Melbourne management to recommence the enterprise agreement  negotiation process, requesting dates and times for future meetings. The ASU office and delegates will update members as soon as we see some progress in this next bargaining round.

Thanks to everyone who completed the Protected Industrial Action survey!  A big turnout of members endorsed most of the actions and proposed some other actions as well.  The ASU will be discussing the results of the recent survey with your ASU delegate team to consider next steps.

The ASU has welcomed the message from the CEO, who acknowledged the big turnout of members who voted against the proposed agreement. He further acknowledged the major concerns in relation to the two-tier salary system and the lack of clarity over the redundancy proposal.

Top issues remaining of high concern to ASU members include:

  • reinstatement of the increment system for all schedule A members in line with schedule AA members
  • stripping out the redeployment and voluntary clauses from the EA
  • offer of 2% pay increase

If CoM are serious about providing secure work (job security) and retaining experienced talent, then they need to start to address the total misuse of staff being put on different contracts and other forms of insecure work that presently exist at CoM.

Please circulate this newsletter to all other staff members and put on your notice boards and in your lunch rooms.

For further information please contact myself or one of your ASU delegate team.
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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