ASU have written to the CEO, Acting CEO and to the Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and all other Councillors at CoM in regard to the impasse and stalling of further of EA negotiations.

ASU have made it quite clear in these letters that CoM have a responsibility to get back to the bargaining table and resolve the outstanding matters where we still disagree.

“ASU seeks a response as to why the CoM Management Committee chose to end the bargaining period so abruptly. This occurred after CoM was advised by both ASU representatives and other independent bargaining representatives that the offer would be rejected. Why did CoM decide to put the not-agreed EA out to a vote to all employees when clearly it was going to be rejected? This has led to increased costs to the CoM with wasted time and resources writing to each individual employee outlining the rejected offer”

“The ASU, along with feedback from members/non-members, are starting to believe that this EA negotiation is fast becoming an anti-union, anti-employee busting agenda. This has also led to major dissatisfaction from employees with ever increasing low morale and driven a negative culture at CoM. The CEO spoke to this fact when he attended one of the last EA meetings in person and stipulated that to make CoM a more positive place to work with a better culture was a priority.”

ASU members have received a clear mandate from the vast majority of employees that rejected the not-agreed sub-standard EA that council put out to vote. We want to get back to bargaining to deliver a better outcome.

ASU will be shortly surveying our members to get feedback in regard to making an application to FWC to ballot our members to take protected industrial action and what type of actions and ideas that members are open to participate in.

ASU intend to keep all members informed of any further developments.

Please circulate this newsletter to all other staff members and put on your notice boards and in your lunch rooms.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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