As you know, following our last members’ meeting, the ASU lodged a dispute regarding the City of Melbourne’s failure to adequately consult regarding the changes to the parking structure.

Today, your ASU Delegates and ASU Organiser met with management regarding this dispute. We raised the problem that members have not been provided with adequate information to respond to the proposal and questions remain about foreshadowed changes from the Nous recommendations.

Key outcomes are:
All workers who sent questions and provided feedback will receive responses today. We raised that this does not give people an opportunity to provide feedback, once questions are answered.

Management has committed that if required they will delay the announcement by another week to provide people with an opportunity to provide further feedback.

CoM clarified that this consultation process is only about the structural changes (the splitting of the two branches) and decisions about the other changes such as the Neighbourhood models are yet to be made.

We discussed the technology changes and management raised that they were undertaking consultation about this, and a working group had been established with staff represented. We weren’t aware of this working group or who the staff represented are. Please let your delegates know if you’ve heard anything about this.

Your feedback
If you have outstanding questions or issues that management haven’t responded to please contact your ASU delegate. The enterprise agreement requires management to explain the changes and respond to the issues you raise. Please let your ASU delegate know if you don’t think this has occurred

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

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