The ASU and your delegates attended a CoM staff consultation Committee meeting on Monday 29 June.

Council have had to close some services with the new postcode lockdowns. They have given a commitment that they will not stand-down staff in the affected areas and are working on a plan this week to redeploy staff and find alternative duties during this period.

EA Proposal
CoM has reneged on our in-principle agreement to a 2.25% pay increase back paid for the 2019-20 financial year.

They have also reneged on a 2% pay increase for the current 2020-21 year – an incredibly disappointing outcome given the time and energy that the ASU, delegates & members put in to achieve a reasonable outcome during this prolonged 12-month negotiation.

The ASU has asked for a financial break-down of the 20/21 budget and for Council to provide more information to the ASU delegate team.

The ASU will shortly survey all members on this proposal to get feed-back and direction for your delegate team.

Council have admitted to an underpayment of some employees’ penalty rates. The ASU will update affected members in the near future on this matter.

The ASU is also ensuring that your delegates and the ASU office are being consulted on all matters during this difficult period.

We still have a long way to go over the next few weeks, so speak to your ASU delegates and encourage non-members to join the ASU who are fighting hard for everyone.

The ASU, as always, ARE BY YOUR SIDE.

For further information please contact: one of your ASU delegate team or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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