The ASU attended a Staff Consultative Committee yesterday to discuss the draft Remuneration Policy.

This meeting was convened after the ASU raised a dispute with the CEO about the lack of consultation about the Remuneration Policy.

Unfortunately, the meeting frustratingly failed to achieve its purpose of meaningful consultation. The Director who is responsible for the implementation of the Policy couldn’t answer basic questions about the policy and took all feedback on notice.

The ASU raised concerns the consultation period runs from 10 to 25 December. Given the importance of this policy that staff should have an opportunity to express a view in January or February when there’s an opportunity for real engagement.

We raised concerns that the policy lacks transparency, appeal rights, fairness and doesn’t achieve pay equality with Schedule AA.

We queried what the meaning of the percentage increases (page 3) would work but were given two entirely different answers. One answer stated that staff will receive a minimum percentage progression increase based on the GPA rating. In direct contradiction, we were then told the GPA rating and percentages are just one of several factors that management may take into account in determining whether employees receive a progression payment. It was suggested that managers will need to put forward a business case for each employee, each time a progression payment is to be awarded.

There are glaring problems in the policy that clearly management have not considered and could not address in the meeting.

We need staff to raise their voice about the issues in the Remuneration Policy. CoM is inviting feedback about the Policy until 31 December. Please make sure you send through your thoughts to

For further information please contact: Your ASU delegate or
ASU Organiser Zoe Edwards |

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