ASU and your ASU delegate team had their first EA meeting of the second round of bargaining last Thursday 19 September.

ASU requested that the CFO be replaced by a more independent chairperson as we believe there is a conflict of interest. CoM responded that all decisions in regard to the EA process are made by the CEO with advice from Management bargaining reps.

ASU have asked CoM to withdraw their claim in regard to the redeployment and voluntary redundancy and move on to fixing the other two serious matters of Schedule A pay scales and annual pay increases for the three year agreement.

The CEO has made it quite clear in his statement in regard to the present realignment happening at CoM that there will be no redundancies for EA employees.

ASU have also tabled back-pay as a new claim and have asked CoM to pay all EA employees an interim payment back to the expiry date of the present EA.

The other new claim is in regard to provisions for Infant Adoption and Forster Care parental leave and Permanent Care.

If members have any other claims, please send them to your bargaining reps or myself for consideration and before the next bargaining meeting been held on 3 October 2019.

Bruce Michailidis   Local Laws

Tony Brooks’   Libraries

Lucas Scully Libraries

Paul Tarquinio Local Laws

Darren Gilham Local Laws

Tuffy  Morwitzer    Signal/arts

Joel Bond Local Laws

Gary Browne Local Laws

The ASU will continue to update members through the bargaining process and will request a mass meeting of members if we have any final proposals from management to seek your direction.

Please circulate this newsletter to all other staff members and put on your notice boards and in your lunch rooms and encourage non-members to join their union.

For further information please contact myself or one of your ASU delegate team.
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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