The ASU and your Delegate team attended a meeting on 30th September.

Delegates have reported that the two types of COVID 19 special leave as stated below have been withdrawn by Council last week.

As reported in the last ASU update, CoM committed to further discussions around extending this leave with your representatives before any decision was made. This has not happened, and Council has gone ahead and made the changes.


Changes to the 5-day COVID-19 Care Leave mean it will now come from your existing personal leave entitlement and is available to all staff. The additional 5 days COVID-19 Childcare Leave provision is available for people needing to care for children aged 0-14 while schools and childcare centres are closed.

The ASU has written to Council requesting that the above leave entitlements, and the use of this leave, be extended to October 16 during this stage 4 lockdown period. It is disappointing that neither the ASU nor your delegate team was consulted about this change. It goes against the very reasons why the ASU requested these extra leave entitlements during this difficult lockdown stage 4 period for all members.


  • Reinstatement of ADOs
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • EBA /ASU Survey results

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