The ASU and your Delegates attended CoM staff consultation Committee on Monday 10 August.

Council has committed that they will not stand-down staff during this stage 4 lockdown and have been working on a plan this week to redeploy and find alternative duties for staff during this period.

EBA Negotiations
The ASU has requested that we reschedule any future bargaining meeting until the lockdown ceases. Our members and their families are under enough stress during this period.

Don’t forget to complete the EBA survey.

The ASU has raised the matter of working from home, trying to manage young children, homeschooling and workload, and members who are feeling stressed during the lockdown.

CoM will look at reinstating ADOs after the lockdown period.

Five days of COVID-19 Care Leave
COVID-19 Care Leave will come from your existing personal leave entitlement and is available to all staff needing to look after themselves or their families due to the impacts of COVID-19.

You will not need any supporting documentation to take this leave. It can be taken as part or full days for respite, self-care or general time away from work.

Five days of additional COVID-19 Childcare Leave
An additional COVID-19 Childcare Leave provision is available for people needing to care for children aged 0-14 while schools and childcare centres are closed. This leave is an additional five days available for the period of Stage 4 restrictions. It can be taken as part or full days.

If you do not have any personal leave, please contact your people manager.

The ASU, as always, IS BY YOUR SIDE.

For further information please contact: one of your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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