The ASU met with CoL this morning to further discuss YOUR Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU raised the following points in responding to the CoL revised salary and wages proposal:

  • Cost of living – Rents across Tasmania have increased by 48% over the last 5 years. Regional Tasmania (which includes Launceston) is considered to be the least affordable Regional area in Australia to live.
  • CPI Safety Net – Many Tasmanian Councils have capped the CPI safety net – this approach would address CoL’s concern in regards to budget certainty. On this basis, the ASU proposed that CoL incorporate an annual 3.5% cap on the CPI safety net. CPI is currently 3%, therefore the ASU is seeking that YOUR back pay is paid at 3%.
  • Genuine Consultation – The ASU reiterated the importance of this provision to ASU Members and again asked CoL to incorporate wording in the new EA that mandates consultation prior to a definite decision being made. The ASU also advised CoL that this would support increased trust of management by employees
  • Superannuation – The ASU reiterated that ASU Members seek to include maintenance of the gap between the current superannuation provided by CoL and the superannuation guarantee contribution
  • 9 day Fortnight – The ASU reiterated that ASU Members seek to include a 9 day fortnight for the indoor workforce as part of the new EA.

CoL advised that they will provide a response to the ASU in the New Year. We will keep you updated.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne | 0429 004 237
Jo Swan | 0400 373 845
Stuart Bucknell | 0478 708 824
Peter Miller | 0409 737 250
Michelle Crowden | 0428 015 555
Garry Cooper | 0487 396 383
Johnny Silczak | 0418 998 776
Mike Radin | 0447 461 394

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