Significant progress has been achieved to date at the bargaining table with some positive outcomes agreed to in regards to a number of your provisions including Family Violence Leave and Parental Leave.

However, the ASU is extremely concerned about the implications of the current offer of additional leave in lieu of your annual pay increase and CoL removing your CPI safety net.

It is important to note that Hobart CPI has just been announced at 3.6%!

The ASU has tabled the following counter-proposal
Year 1 — 2.5% or CPI (whichever is the greater) or an additional five days paid leave
Year 2 — 2.5% or CPI (whichever is the greater) or 1% plus three days paid leave
Year 3 — 2.5% or CPI (whichever is the greater)
Year 4 — 2.75% or CPI (whichever is the greater)

Furthermore, CoL have NOT agreed to a number of priority ASU claims including

  • 9 day fortnight is made available to ALL CoL workers ( Refused as cost-prohibitive and will create staffing issues however additional leave in substitute for your pay increase won’t have cost implications or cause staffing issues??)
  • That Superannuation Guarantee increases over the current CoL EA rates are passed on to CoL workers.
  • Time in Lieu recognised at Overtime rates
  • Secondments included in the EA
  • Consultation in regards to Major Workplace Change occurs BEFORE a Definite Decision is made.

ASU Member Update Meetings will be held in the coming weeks so keep an eye out for details.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne | 0429 004 237
or one of the ASU Bargaining Team:
Jo Swan | 0400 373 845
Stuart Bucknell | 0478 708 824
Peter Miller | 0409 737 250
Michelle Crowden | 0428 015 555
Garry Cooper | 0487 396 383

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