The ASU is back at the bargaining table with City of Launceston next Tuesday, 7 December, to discuss YOUR pay increase.

Remember that CoL have previously REJECTED the ASU proposal of

Year 1 — 2.5% or CPI (Whichever is the greater) / or an additional five days paid leave
Year 2 — 2.5% or CPI (Whichever is the greater) / or 1% plus three days paid leave
Year 3 — 2.5% or CPI (Whichever is the greater)
Year 4 — 2.75% or CPI (Whichever is the greater)

And now CPI is sitting at 3%!

Accepting anything less than CPI will see your wages going BACKWARDS!

Also remember that CoL has said NO to the MAJORITY of the ASU claims including:

  • 9-day fortnight – NO!
  • Consultation in regards to Major Workplace Change occurs BEFORE a Definite Decision is made – NO!
  • Super Guarantee Increase – NO!

CoL has advised that they ONLY intend to discuss the wage offer at the next meeting, however, the ASU will also be seeking reconsideration of other extremely important claims.

We will provide another update following next week’s meeting.

If you have any questions in regards to this bulletin please contact ASU Organiser Kath Milbourne on 0429004237 or one of the ASU Bargaining Team:

Jo Swan – 0400373845
Stuart Bucknell – 0478708824
Peter Miller – 0409737250
Michelle Crowden – 0428015555
Garry Cooper – 0487396383
Johnny Silczak – 0418998776
Mike Radin – 0447461394

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