Bereavement Leave one rule for some, one rule for others.

Employees at the City of Kingston are advised that in this round of negotiations the ASU has been attempting to fix an anomaly that relates to Bereavement Leave.

The Existing Situation
Employees are currently entitled to three days of paid bereavement leave. However, if you are a Childcare Worker, or a Maternal & Child Health Nurse, you are entitled to four days of paid bereavement leave.

The ASU has identified two issues that require serious attention from management at the City of Kingston.

  • The level of the entitlement
    It is common in local government for paid bereavement leave to be set at FIVE DAYS. The existing provision of three days of bereavement leave for the majority of the workforce is well behind standards in local government and is identical to the minimum entitlement under the National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Different entitlement for different employees
    We do not accept that employees in one occupation need a greater amount of bereavement leave to the rest of the workforce. There is no logical explanation for this anomaly and we have sought to rectify this in the negotiations.

For its part, the ASU put forward a counter proposal to create a level playing field and have a clause that provides staff with four days of paid bereavement leave. This, for reasons that we simply do not understand, has been rejected by the City of Kingston.

We believe that it is unacceptable for staff to be treated differently and it is time that management at the City of Kingston started to ‘talk the talk’ when it comes to fairness and equality on the workplace.

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