There is certainly plenty happening for ASU members at City of Hobart – restructures, Enterprise Agreements and policy reviews, just to name a few.

The ASU is deeply concerned with the recently announced review of the structure of the City of Hobart and its potential impact on our members. We will make sure Council follows correct process, is accountable and keeps the ASU and our members fully informed.

Late last year, ASU members at the Tasmanian Travel Information Centre voted down the proposed new Enterprise Agreement.

We will recommence bargaining shortly and the ASU will be fighting for fair conditions for members located at the Travel and Information Centre.

Members at the Travel and Information Centre are employed by the City of Hobart and the ASU believes their conditions should be consistent with the general employees Enterprise Agreement.

As the Hobart City Council Enterprise Agreement will expire soon, it is time for members to start thinking of what they would like to see improved in the Enterprise Agreement. We will soon hold meetings with members to prepare a Log of Claims prior to bargaining.

Finally, we are consulting with City of Hobart about their review of the Alcohol & Other Drugs Policy. Council is proposing to move to a 0.00 Blood Alcohol Concentration across the whole of Council. Thank you to members who recently completed our survey about the proposed changes. A further consultation meeting is scheduled for early February 2019 and we will keep members updated.

Any queries in relation to any of the above, please contact ASU Organiser Karen Tantari on 0472 512 484 or via

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