The ASU is concerned that City of Greater Geelong has skirted proper processes to place an employee on a fixed term contract instead of going through a proper recruitment procedure.

We have raised this issue with Council and it appears that there have been other cases where CoGG management have again placed people into mostly insecure jobs, instead of offering opportunities to staff when new positions become available.

We’re still investigating these cases and will be rigorously pursuing this with Council. If you are aware of other cases similar to this, please let the ASU know ASAP. This approach cannot be allowed to take root.


Contact Officer concerns

In advertising for ‘contact officers’ recently, City of Greater Geelong provided a PD and Duty Statement which included a line that stated contact officers couldn’t have any other voluntary employee representative role.

This appears to exclude union delegates or OHS representatives from being eligible to be contact officers.

The ASU has put this to Council HR and is awaiting a response, but we do not appreciate limitations being put on our highly skilled delegates and duly elected OHS representatives in what they can and cannot apply for within Council.


Unfair application of Union Rights

The ASU has advocated with management about delegates being paid full days of pay while at full days of training.

HR have highlighted areas of the EBA that they’re relying on to only pay delegates who attend full days of training for what their ordinary hours would have been on that day, but in doing so have possibly missed the point entirely.

The simple fact is, the people most affected by this are people who work in shift work and/or part time workers.

These employees represent the lowest paid staff at Council, are majority female, and are often later in their careers. Theory and clause aside, this is a discriminatory move that in reality results in lower paid mostly female workers being worse off, and it leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

We await Council waking up and rethinking this very poorly made decision.

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