The ASU has received a number of questions about CoGG’s proposed leave management changes:

Q: Does the ASU support this?
A: Our position is formed by ASU members. Once we have reviewed the draft proposal, we will meet with ASU members to develop our response.

Q: How is this fair?
A: It’s a bad time to take leave, but workers in community-facing roles like leisure, childcare and home care face uncertainty around putting food on their table. If staff across CoGG scheduling some time off will save those vulnerable workers from facing the full brunt of this crisis, we think that’s worth considering.

Q: Will this be permanent?
A: We have made it clear that any proposed clause must be temporary before we will consider it.

Q: Can they legally do this?
A: They can do whatever a clause staff agree to allow because it will become the new EBA clause.

Q: Will we get to vote on this?
A: Yes, once the proposal has gone through consultation with Unions, staff will get to vote on it before it can become enforceable.

Q: Will I be made to take leave this year?
A: No, the proposal is about staff and managers making plans over the financial year to manage leave balances, accruals, workplace needs, and staff wellbeing.


  • In a crisis, nobody is left completely untouched
  • Taking leave is critical to managing fatigue and mental health, especially at a time like this
  • We cannot let our most vulnerable members and colleagues face the fallout alone

This is still a management proposal subject to rigorous consultation, and we will keep you informed and involved as it unfolds. You can provide ideas or responses to to help us represent your interests.

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