It’s been a big year at CoGG, particularly in the second half, and 2019 won’t be any quieter!

As the year draws to a close we wanted to look at some of the big matters we have been and still are involved with, both good and bad (and ugly)!

The Good

  • After months of disagreement, ASU Delegates who attend delegate training will be paid for full days regardless of what they are rostered on those days. This would have hit older and lower paid female workers hardest, and we’re glad council have come to their senses.
  • At a recent council meeting, in-home care services at CoGG will be extended at least until mid-2020, providing better job security for hundreds of workers. The ASU is fighting funding cuts across Victoria and federally, and will continue to fight to keep these jobs in council!
  • The ASU held the first round of mass member meetings at CoGG in years. These provided valuable information which is helping shape the ASU’s future. We’ll be following up with another round of meetings early in 2019 to update you and hear your feedback on how we’re doing.
  • Regular rosters of Organiser visits to CoGG sites have been established, and we’re looking at ramping these up in 2019 to make sure every member knows when an Organiser will be in their area.
  • EBA bargaining concluded, with your new Agreement to come into effect in early 2019.

The Bad

  • 12 month Contracts have come up as a recurring issue throughout CoGG. So far we have written to CoGG Councillors, met alongside key ASU Delegates with senior management and HR, written to CEO Martin Cutter and are continuing to pursue answers to why these contracts are being used. Responses so far have been mixed, with some contracts being explained (i.e. backfill roles with provisions for when employees return to work) but some requiring a closer look and we have management on notice around this issue.
  • Extending EoI’s for new positions seems to be a growing problem, and after numerous phone calls and emails from the ASU we are making some progress in this area, and have sought commitments around strengthening the recruitment process to provide current staff a clear career path instead of favouring external applicants.

The Ugly

  • It appears widespread bullying is not a thing of the past at CoGG, despite what should have been learned in recent years. The ASU put the call out for members to report workplace bullying and the response has been troubling. We are currently putting this together and will challenge CoGG in the New Year to satisfactorily address every case of workplace bullying that comes to us.

The ASU Geelong Organising team are planning to visit CoGG sites in late January to provide more information about each of these issues, so make sure you come along and join in the discussion.

Given the declining satisfaction in the staff survey, these issues are clearly taking a toll, but with more industrial staff in Geelong and a stronger framework for support from the Melbourne office, the ASU is well positioned to tackle these and any other issues that come up for our members.

Encourage your workmates to join the ASU today, to build a better life at work and a stronger country. Membership is tax deductible. It pays to be a member.

If you have any questions or issues please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |



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