Your ASU Delegates and ASU Organiser Lorraine have been meeting with representatives of Council to progress the negotiations on a fortnightly basis.

ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio has recently replaced Elspeth as Organiser for your council. She has been with the ASU for 6 years and is excited to be working alongside your delegates to progress the negotiations.

The ASU has tabled our log of claims, you can find a copy here.

Management has also tabled their log of claims, you can find a copy here.

We have an independent chair who is assisting the parties work through each of the log items.

As the negotiations are still in the early stages, we are still working through each of the parties’ claims and obtaining a clear understanding of the intention/rationale that sits behind them.

However, Council have tabled their wages offer;
It appears Council are seeking a 2-year agreement as the offer on the table is for the current year and next year.

Year 1 | 1.75% or $27 whichever is greater
Year 2 | 2% or the rate cap, whichever is greater

Your delegates have advised that this wages offer is too low, especially given inflation is currently sitting at over 5%. Furthermore, the absence of a dollar amount in the second year is unacceptable. (The dollar amount is incredibly important for our members on lower bands as a flat percentage increase provides greater benefit for those on higher incomes).

We are yet to obtain a schedule for the appendix discussions (Home care and Building services), however, Council has agreed to provide this to us at our next meeting on 21 July.

We are only as strong as our members, talk to a colleague about the importance of union membership and ask them to join the ASU via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio 0400 986 745 |

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