Are you or a fellow workmate required to take charge of plant and carry out routine maintenance and running repairs?

If this plant is any of the following then you are entitled to be paid an additional payment of $27.37 per week*

  1. Sludge/auto-eductor,
  2. Mechanical-street sweeper and road cleansing machine,
  3. Water flusher,
  4. Excavator,
  5. Road or footpath roller,
  6. Power grader,
  7. Tractor

*indexed by Enterprise Agreement pay increases.

Currently, the ASU is moving to have FloCon vehicles added to this list. Management initially indicated that they would positively review this, however, we are still waiting for their decision.

The ASU has identified cases where this payment has not been paid by CoGB and is keen to hear from members of any other such occurrences.

If you or another fellow worker is not being paid in these circumstances, please notify your ASU delegates Terry Canfield, Mark Leunig, Tim Hayes or Deputy Delegate Dennis Oโ€™Neill.

Please note the Award/Enterprise Agreement DOES NOT stipulate how many times or the duration of the work done

The EBA is a legally binding document and the parties are obligated to uphold its provisions.

Please spread the word: ASU is taking this matter up on behalf of its members.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Danny Harris |

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