The Australian Services Union is standing alongside community members and members of parliament in fighting to have the inexplicable decision by the City of Glen Eira to close three of its early childhood centres overturned.

ASU members at Glen Eira have voiced their concerns about a distressing lack of consultation over the proposed closures, which would abandon the centres to private interests.

‘It (the preliminary decision to close Centres) is heartbreaking for the community – they are losing something pretty special… we have smaller centres and the staff know everyone,’ was the feed back from one ASU member who works at Glen Eira.

‘People come here because we are a smaller service – parents come because they don’t just want big and flashy. We have a good reputation. The children see the same carers and there is stability with the staff. Parents like that we know who their kid is.’

ASU members employed by the City of Glen Eira will be detrimentally impacted by a final decision to close the centres. Private providers have inferior employment conditions. Poorer employment conditions for workers translates as a lower standard of care for children.

The ASU will continue to fight the council’s retrograde proposal to shut much-needed childcare facilities in Glen Eira.

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