Back-pay Update
ASU have requested that the back-pay be paid as a good faith payment, as the EA is still at Fair Work Commission waiting to be certified, if the timeframes extend beyond April ASU will again request that the back-pay be paid ASAP.

We have also asked Council to seek ATO advice to minimise tax implications for employees who will receive back-pay.

Extra three days leave as per EA
Make sure to use this leave before June 2019, ASU got clarification on the leave in regard to part-time employees.

The pro-rata method been used to calculate the extra leave for part-time employees is based on your contracted hours.

Example: If you are contracted to work 25 hours per week you would receive 15 hours of extra leave.

Recognition employee long service award.
Council have confirmed a Recognition program will be developed in line with the EA implementation plan.

Upon Certification of the Agreement
There is a lot of work in the new clauses that need to be completed upon certification of the Agreement.

At the consultation committee meeting Tuesday 19 March we have agreed an EA implementation plan over the next 12 months and the consultation committee will be forming sub-committees to implement all the new clauses, we just have to formalise the Terms of Reference for the committee’s, The sub-committees will report back to the main consultation group with any proposals for clauses and policies.

New Delegates
You will receive a newsletter shortly in regard to electing some new Delegates in the different departments at Council.

Current Delegates
Geoff  Kringle |
David Frappa |
Eleonora Tamburini |
Shuwei Harris |
Annemaree Meade |
Hayley Gent |
Judy Harbourd |
Brad Peirce |
Damian Goninon |
Katie Junor |
Cathy White |
Julie Butcher |
Vito Agosta |
Graziano Giannone |

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Sean McCourt | 0419 506 178 |

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