Things to consider when casting your vote on the proposed Enterprise Agreement

City of Casey Management is only proposing a 0.5% pay increase. This is disrespectful to the many employees who have gone out of their way to assist Council in dealing with the many upheavals associated with the onset of this crisis.

City of Casey 2020-2021 budget papers show they are maintaining in excess of $60 million in reserve for the year, it also shows there will be zero borrowings for the year even though the same section of the budget states, borrowings are a legitimate and financially responsible way of financing capital projects.

City of Casey budget allows for a 6% increase in employee costs for the year. Again, only passing 0.5% onto employees’ income. What is the rest being spent on?

As the saying goes; Never let a crisis go to waste. This certainly applies in regard to City of Casey management; they are utilising this crisis as an excuse to not provide you with a pay rise anywhere near the vicinity you deserve.

We recommend that you vote in this ballot and vote NO. We also recommend that you share this message with your colleagues who may not be members of the ASU and in doing this, encourage them to also vote NO.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Darren Dwyer |

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