In his 2019/2020 Financial Report Glenn Patterson CEO said the following regarding staff:

“Their dedication and continued focus on supporting and improving the lives of the City of Casey community are to be admired.”

Unfortunately for you, admiration doesn’t pay your bills.

Despite us raising members’ concerns and the recent NO Vote regarding pay, council came back to the table with NO MOVEMENT on your wages.

We said the percentage amount was too low and recognition for hard work and dedication over the previous years is needed.

Councils pay offer still stands as follows:
2020/21: 1% from the date of in-principle agreement
2021/22: 1.50%
2022/23: Rate Cap
2023/24: Rate Cap

Remember: The rate cap amount last year was 2% and this year is 1.5%. The last wage increase you received was July 2019.

There has been minimal movement on ASU log items, e.g. higher duties payable from 1 day not 2 for indoor workers (already applies to outdoor workers), increase to outplacement training. Council said NO to any improvements to redundancy pay.

The conditions council have agreed to don’t equate to much in dollar terms and are only accessed by a subgroup of workers. A comprehensive list will be provided at our upcoming meetings (view here).

To clarify the ASU sought next EA meeting for a fortnight to allow for member meetings. We made it very clear that was the rationale. The ASU are guided by its’ members and it is only fair and reasonable that you are consulted.

Members and potential members are welcome. Come along and invite your colleagues as well.

Not a member? Check out the benefits of being an ASU member and join Benefits – ASU Victoria & Tasmania (

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio |

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