There will be joint ASU/Professionals Australia/ NUW members meetings to discuss management’s position on the enterprise agreement.

For those members at Warnambool, Horsham and Mildura, there will be a phone hook-up at 1.00pm on Tuesday 10 December.  The dial-in number is (03) 9297-6524.

It’s important that you attend so we can get your feedback.

The meetings will be held at :

DATE: Tuesday 10 December
TIME: 1.00pm
VENUE:  Rooney Street, Room 1.01

DATE: Wednesday 11 December
TIME: 9.00am
VENUE: Market Street, Room G3

DATE: Wednesday 11 December
TIME: 11.00am

DATE: Thursday 12 December
TIME: 10.00am
VENUE: Geelong, Construction Room

DATE: Thursday 12 December
TIME: 12.30pm
VENUE: Ballarat, Canteen

DATE: Friday 13 December
TIME: 11.00am
VENUE: Bendigo, Conference Room 6

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone | 0417 105 113 |

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