Members would be aware that, the three Unions undertook membership meetings last week to report on the progress of enterprise bargaining negotiations and receive direction from members as to what approach to take.

It was gratifying to see a very good turn-out at all locations.

Management’s offer of an average 2.6% wage increase per annum (quantum in current  EA is 3.5% pa) and those matters in the log of claims management was prepared to agree to were presented to members and a vote was taken on acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

An overwhelming majority of members, almost unanimous across all sites rejected management’s offer, believing it was inadequate and unfair in the light of the business’s current level of profitability and its demonstrated will to make large expenditures on other items.

A subsequent vote was put to members asking what action the unions should take and again a near-identical majority, circa 98%, voted to instruct the unions to prepare and make an application for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot, the mechanism required before members engage on industrial action, should management not substantially improve its offer.

Your local reps are looking at potential bans and we invite all members, if they have thoughts on any effective action, to contribute them via your local reps.

The Unions have since met with management representatives but no further progress has been made.

Further meetings are scheduled for next month and we will be advising members of any further progress.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish all members a safe and merry festive season and look forward to progressing your claims in the New Year.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone |

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