Bargaining between the unions and Citipower/Powercor has continued since January.

Unfortunately, we are unable to report much progress. The parties met again this week, expecting a response to a revised log but this has been rejected out of hand.

Management continues to claim that it is unable to deliver more than a 2.5% pay increase, repeatedly citing ‘market rates’ and a general unwillingness to pay more.

The three unions have repeatedly put the message received from members at our last round of members meetings that our members have undergone significant change, leading to increased stresses and workloads and delivery productivity increases to their employer.

Members are well aware that Citipower/Powercor is a profitable business and that they deserve reasonable pay increases and fair outcomes in terms of working conditions.

As it has become obvious that bargaining has reached something of a stalemate, the unions have made a successful application to conduct a Protected Action Ballot, which if voted up will allow members to take industrial action in support of their claims.

The orders have now been issued by the Fair Work Commission and Members can expect to receive a ballot paper over the coming week or so.

It is vitally important that members fill in their ballot paper and return it to the Australian Electoral Commission who will be conducting the ballot. Your name and details are not supplied to your employer, only to the AEC from member lists.

If you do not receive a ballot paper it is critical that you contact the Australian Electoral Commission. The ASU cannot do this on your behalf.

All employees covered under the terms of the agreement whether employed directly under the EA or have a remuneration agreement are eligible to vote.

The questions on the ballot have been devised in consultation with your local workplace reps and members and most have been previously utilised in other workplaces within the industry.

We urge you to vote yes to each of the proposed actions on the ballot paper. Voting yes will give the unions added leverage to negotiate a better outcome for you and your fellow members.

The ASU and the other unions have committed to continue bargaining and we will be reporting back on any further offer from management or change in their position.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Jonathan Smallbone | 0417 105 113 |

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