Negotiations for the Circular Head Council Enterprise Agreement have now concluded and we have walked away on a very positive note.

ASU Bargaining Reps should be very proud of themselves as they have made sure that no entitlements were lost and even better – improvements were made.

Some of the ‘stand out’ claims that have been accepted are:

  • 2.6% increase 2019, 2.6% increase 2020, 2.6% increase 2021, 2.8% (or CPI, whichever is greater) increase 2022
  • 3 days paid leave (grace and favour days) between Christmas and New Year
  • Consultation clause modified to reflect ASU Model Clause – wording changed from ‘has made a decision to introduce change’ to ‘has made an in principle decision to introduce change’
  • Disputes resolution clause to now include ‘any other work-related matters’ as opposed to limiting to NES and matters under the agreement.
  • Union Delegates have access to 5 days leave specific to ASU Delegates training as opposed to having to share 10 days leave between them (per calendar year)
  • Span of hours have stayed the same – Council wanted increase this by 3 hours per day
  • Re-adoption of Annual Performance Appraisals and they are to be conducted between set periods each year
  • Adoption of High Risk Week Spraying allowance
  • Adoption of Defence Force Reserve Services leave
  • Reintroduction of $5,000 budget allocation specific to Health and Well-being activities for Employees


Circular Head Council employees will have the opportunity to cast their vote within the next 21 days and the ASU will be encouraging them to vote YES!

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