Your ASU Delegates and Officials continue to represent you at Central Highlands Water.

Here’s an update on two matters we’re working on:

Super not paid:

If you keep an eye on your superannuation account, you may have noticed there’s been no payment since December 2021. We recently became aware of this and raised it with management who report that they’re now working to resolve it and recognize that they’re non-compliant with legislation that requires super payments at least every three months.  Apparently, the issue sits with an external contractor and will be resolved by April 1st, including ATO-calculated interest; and monthly contributions will return after that.

Enterprise agreement update:

As you know, CHW sought to change the dates of salary increases after the content of the agreement was finalised in September 2021. Following significant pushback from the ASU, management has ceased attempts to change the pay increase dates, but we’re left with draft amendments to the agreement that will see your final pay increase land in February 2024, with the agreement ending 20 months later in September 2025. As such, we’re seeking a lump sum of $500 in that period, as well as the $1500 patience in bargaining payment to cover your (extended and often tested) patience during bargaining. CHW continue to haggle over $300, trying to bring the $1500 payment down to $1200, which seems unfair given what you’ve been through.

We’re confident that the full amount is what you deserve and we believe we’re only weeks away from government approval on our position, despite CHW’s efforts to reduce the payment.

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