You don’t need us to tell you that your new enterprise agreement has been significantly delayed. This update should shed some light on why.

Bargaining for your agreement, with improvements to pay and conditions, ended back in September 2021. Following this, management submitted it to DELWP. Four months later DELWP raised inconsistencies between the 4-year agreement length and the dates for pay increases. Instead of working with us to sort it out, management advised that they would not be budging on the length of the agreement, and you’d instead cop an additional 9 month wait for pay increases or an extended period at the end of the agreement without pay increases. We said no way! We proposed an additional payment to you, to cover any period without a normal pay rise. Management stonewalled us, so we put our proposal directly to government. That proposal is still passing through various levels of government for approval, but we’ve received positive feedback so far.

To be clear, this delay is because management refused to work together to sort out the issues, and forced us to go above their heads, all to save a few dollars.

Once this is resolved, we believe you’ll have:

  1. 2% annual pay increases alongside improvements like hybrid working arrangements, further job security protections, and additional parental leave;
  2. Backpay for 2 pay increases (September and February);
  3. $1500 patience in bargaining payment*; and
  4. $500 payment toward the end of the agreement*.

*pro-rata for part-time workers

We’ll continue to actively push for a response from the government and buy-in from CHW to finalise the agreement ASAP, and we’ll keep you posted with progress.

Questions? Contact your delegates or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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