The Australian Services Union has been invited by Brimbank to advance the members preference on how weekly hours are calculated.

After receiving the councils’ notification of the proposed change, announcing the transfer of CHSP services to a private provider, ASU Organiser Will Wyatt held a teleconference for impacted workers.

Action items from this meeting were to write to council seeking further details on how employees will be impacted, make some initial recommendations (like treatment to severance in a similar way to Maribyrnong) and survey members on how they would prefer to have their average weekly hours established.

The goal of members should be to maximise the weekly hours, so the severance payments are as high as possible.

Average weekly hours are used in the severance payments for part-time workers when a redundancy is offered.

These can be reviewed in clause 47.3 of the Brimbank City Council Enterprise Agreement

The severance payments on redundancy consist of:

  1. Payment in lieu of Notice
  2. A lump sum of $10,000 (pro-rata for part-time employees)
  3. 4 weeks’ pay for the first year of service and two weeks’ pay for every completed year of service thereafter.
  4. Ex gratia payment in lieu of Long service leave accruals after 3 years if not eligible to cash out.

Additionally, employees get paid out any annual leave entitlements, and longer service if they have completed 7 years.

Because many Community care works hours vary, establishing the method for what a week’s pay is worth to employees can be calculated in several ways.

  1. A similar manner to the way Long service leave is paid out, which is one of or a combination of:
    1. Average weekly hours worked by an employee over the last 12 months
    2. Average weekly hours worked by an employee over the last 5 years
    3. The greater of the two above (a. & b.)

It was agreed in the teleconference meeting, the ASU wants members to provide their vote on which method they would prefer to use that would most benefit them, the majority would determine what the ASU advances to council.

Take the survey here.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Will Wyatt | 0418 320 625 |

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