According to research, just under half of all Australians will experience a chronic condition at some point in their lives. They are the leading cause of death, disability and illness and account for over a third of all hospitalisations.

During COVID-19, many people with chronic illnesses unrelated to the pandemic are finding themselves unable to maintain employment or return to work.

If you are unable to return to work due to your chronic illness, you can quickly and easily find out now what superannuation insurance you’re entitled to with our free, no obligation super claim check. All benefits depend on the insurance policy you have so we will look at your current and past policies to determine if you are entitled to payments that can assist you and your family during periods of crisis and serious illness.  

What is TPD insurance?
Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance is a default cover provided through most superannuation funds. It’s designed to provide people with a safety net if they cannot work for any medical reason.

Unfortunately, many people with chronic conditions are unaware that they even have it or that they’re entitled to access it should they stop working.

Insurers may try and tell people with chronic illnesses that they are not eligible for cover – but this is not necessarily true. If your condition didn’t affect your ability to work when you first opened your super account, then you should be able to make a claim.

Is accessing TPD insurance complicated?
As with any insurance policy, getting a payout from your super fund can be complicated.

Each super fund has different criteria and uses different loopholes to avoid paying claims. Our team know the specifics of each policy’s criteria for disability claims and can maximise your entitlements.

We keep a close eye over the entire process, seeking additional evidence where necessary and pressuring the insurer when they drop the ball.

If you’ve already started the process, and your claim has been denied by your super fund, please talk to us. We can assess your entitlements for free.

Beware the loss of your insurance cover
Disability insurance cover can cease if your super account becomes inactive because contributions cease.

It will also cease if your account balance is completely drained, as occurred recently for over half a million Australians who accessed their super through the Government’s COVID-19 early access program. That will mean you won’t be eligible to claim for a disability benefit if you have to cease work after cover ended.

Get legal advice early
You should seek legal advice as soon as you are diagnosed, or when you stop work – whichever happens first.

We’ll be able to help guide you through the process. This way, we’ll handle the paperwork while you focus on managing your condition. Don’t let the stress of tackling a TPD claim on your own take a toll on your health.

If you have any questions or you’d like to access our free insurance check, don’t hesitate to contact the ASU Relationship Organiser at Maurice Blackburn, Jedd Rothman, on or 0482 166 362.

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