Big business is trying to introduce “Cheap Casuals” to our community sector.

Click here to RSVP now to an urgent briefing with other ASU delegates and members across the country who work in the community and disability sectors, to be held on 29 March or 1 April.

What is a “Cheap Casual”? Big business lobby group Australian Business Industrial (ABI) is trying to introduce “cheap casuals” as a new category of employment in our sector’s Award (Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award). It’s a way to pay people less than regular casuals and at the same time not give people minimum hours of work, regular rosters, or a right to say “no” to shifts. Unlike a normal casual, a “Cheap Casual” will be paid a 10% casual loading instead of 25% and cannot refuse to work the hours they are rostered by their employer.

If ABI win, employers will be able to categorise any full time and regular part time job as “Cheap Casual” which is a threat to job security for every worker in our industry and for the people we support.

The briefing will also include discussion of how we have to fight back against this attack on secure work, and what you can do to let your colleagues know about this attack on our sector.

We are holding two briefings – you only need to attend one of them.

We are aiming to get hundreds of delegates from across the country to attend one of these urgent briefings. So we are using new technology – a webinar service – to do these briefings.

How do I join in?
When you register instructions will be sent from our national office for how to log into the webinar (you can do this form computer, tablet or mobile phone).

RSVP by clicking here to receive instructions on how you can participate. 

In unity,

Leon Wiegard
Branch Coordinator

P.S. If you cannot make the briefing please try to ask another union colleague from work to RSVP so your workplace is represented in this meeting.

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