Thank you for your support in encouraging members to complete the ASU CHC Log of Claims Survey and attend the members meeting held last Thursday. We hope you will be available to join a meeting for all delegates covered by the Multi Business Agreement

DATE: 13 July
12.30 pm – 1.30 pm

Please use this link to attend the meeting:

We will be discussing key elements of the log as proposed by members and organising strategies. Please send through agenda items to

Increasing staff participation will lead to stronger agreement outcomes. There is still time to share the survey and we ask that each of you take the time to speak to members across programs in your centre who will take responsibility for sharing the survey link with their teams.  Please reach out to remote and hard to reach staff to let them know that this is their agreement and share the link to the survey

Our meeting last week highlighted that centres with no delegates are less likely to participate and this will weaken your capacity to vote down a poor outcome. Delegate’s activity in their workplaces’ enables us to work to improve engagement at those weaker sites. Thank you for your work and representation of ASU members, we are all stronger for it.

We look forward to speaking with you at this meeting. In the meantime continue your great work in your workplaces. If you need a copy of your member list to track your recruitment please email

Jane Karslake
ASU Lead Organiser

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