The ASU has recently received a notification of change letter from Council regarding the future of  Regional Assessment Services, Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) and delivered meals service. In the letter received from Council, they have stated they will no longer participate in these programs/services.

The ASU has been advised by Council that around 48 employees will be affected by these changes and that Council will be consulting directly with staff affected.

Council state they employ 41 care workers and believe they will be able to continue to provide these employees with their core hours because they are employed in programs other than the HACC PYP program. The ASU is concerned that care workers, whom may currently work above their core hours may have a loss of hours due to this change.

The ASU has requested a paid meeting to meet with members in October to discuss members concerns.

When further information on the date and time of this meeting is available the ASU will notify members.

If you know someone who isn’t a member of the ASU, we strongly encouraged you speak to them about the importance of joining! The more members we have the better outcomes we can achieve.  Anyone who is not yet a member of the ASU can join online today

Should you have any questions relating to the above matters, please contact Hayley Davies, ASU Organiser via or 1300 855 570. Alternatively please speak to your delegates Michael Watkins, Vicky Hartley and Christine Durham.

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