Management have written to the ASU to advise of major changes at GWMW. Members will have also received this information.

According to the information provided, “The new structure, which is reflected in the attached Organisational Chart, will set GWMWater up to continue to deliver its key strategic objectives by better aligning our key competencies with the objectives of our Strategy and Corporate Plan.”

The fundamental structural changes that this realignment involve are;

  • Splitting the current Finance Division into two new Divisions; a Financial Division and a Business Performance Division. These will necessitate the creation of two new positions and with no incumbent at this stage as the position of Manager Finance Planning and Pricing is currently vacant. A recruitment process will be necessary to fill the two new roles.
  • Transferring payroll activity from People and Culture to the newly formed Finance Division.
  • Transferring Billing/Revenue activity from the Customer Service Division to the Finance Division.
  • Transferring the balance of the People and Culture Division to sit under the Engagement, Culture and Assurance Group (formerly called Stakeholders and Governance).
  • To replace the Legal and Corporate Resources Division we have created a new Division called Board Secretariat.
  • Transferring the Buildings Management activity from the former Legal and Corporate Resources Division to the Assets Division.
  • The remaining activities in the former Legal and Corporate Resources Division will transfer to the newly formed Board Secretariat Division.
  • Additionally, pending further discussion, it is proposed that OH&S is transferred from People and Culture to the Regulation and Assurance team and Records Management from the former Legal and Corporate Resources Division to the Information, Communication and Technology Division.

Now is the time to have your say. Under the GWMW Enterprise Agreement, you are entitled to meaningful consultation about this kind of proposal.

If you would like to provide feedback, questions or concerns please contact
ASU Delegate Penny Flynn |
ASU Organiser Matt Price |

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