The next federal election is approaching fast. And in a national day of action the country’s entire union movement is saying loud and clear that we need to Change the Rules.

For years the Liberal government has been driving down wages, pushing Australians into insecure work, and making it harder for workers to demand to be treated fairly.

We need to Change the Rules so people can have jobs they can count on.
We need to Change the Rules so working people can win fair pay rises.
We need to Change the Rules for working women.

The campaign by a united union movement to Change the Rules is already bearing fruit.

Just last week the Labor Party announced that they will bring back a living wage if they win the next election. This means ensuring that no full-time worker lives in poverty.

The return to a living wage – an idea which was first implemented in Australia more than 110 years ago, would be significant step forward in the fight against low wage growth and poverty in this country.

But there is much more we need to fight for.

Join us at the march in Melbourne or protest in Launceston on 10 April.

Melbourne Change the Rules March
DATE: Wednesday 10 April
TIME: 9.30am
LOCATION: ASU Office, corner Queensberry and Cardigan streets, Carlton South.

Launceston Change the Rules Protest
DATE: Wednesday 10 April
TIME: 12.30pm
LOCATION: Civic Square, Launceston

Together, we’ll Change the Rules.

Lisa Darmanin, Branch Secretary
Billy King, Branch Executive President

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