The ASU regrets to inform members that there has been another significant delay with the CFA PTA Agreement.

On Tuesday, the parties appeared before Deputy President Masson at the Fair Work Commission regarding an application by the UFU to stop the Agreement from going ahead. The UFU application to the Commission is solely in relation to the Incident Management clause.

DP Masson issued directions, and the matter will not be heard until mid-October. This means the Agreement cannot be approved until after then, despite receiving overwhelming endorsement in the recent ballot.

We are all frustrated by this unnecessary delay, so we have written to CFA CEO Natalie McDonald to request that CFA applies the pay increases and back pay straight away. These are not the subject of the dispute, and as such, there is nothing to stop CFA Management from applying this now.

We will update members on any progress.

The ASU understands the exceptional contribution that CFA PTA staff make to Incident Management during emergencies, side by side with other equally skilled Incident Management professionals from other agencies.

This can be a very upsetting and stressful time for CFA employees. The recent release of the External Review of Culture and Issues Management has shone a spotlight on unacceptable practices and workplace bullying, and ASU will soon be meeting with Management to discuss the implementation of the recommendations.

Relentless attacks degrading your skills and value in Incident Management are another example of behaviours that may impact your wellbeing.  If you feel that you require any support, ASU is by your side and can provide a range of support services throughout this difficult period.

You can contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 or
CFA confidential counselling service | 1800 959 232 (option 1)

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