CFA Bans information – requests from Management 

ASU has been made aware that CFA Management have sent an email to all staff asking that if you are intending to take industrial action or are already taking industrial action, you should notify CFA by close of business Wednesday, 26 April 2023. 

Whilst an employer is allowed to ask this question, you are under no obligation to answer. The ASU has already met the obligations to notify the employer about our bans when we sent through our formal notices, and this is all that is required under the Fair Work Act. 

However, if you want to proudly proclaim to CFA that you are participating in the bans because you’re not going to cop an unfair wages offer, then go right ahead! It’s up to you. 

If you require information about how to implement these bans, please call one of your ASU Delegates at CFA as follows; 

Gav 0429 199016 

Glen 0417 309721 

John 0400 823051  

Or Organiser Matt Price at or 0407 362 764 

Two points to be aware of:

  1. Only Union members can participate in protected industrial action. If non-members want to participate, they can join the Union and will be protected straight away. 
  1. Protected industrial action is just that – protected. You cannot be disciplined, coerced, or instructed not to carry out bans. If this occurs, contact your delegate or Organiser Matt Price immediately. 

New members can join here 

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