ASU members at Centre for Non-Violence in Bendigo met recently to get an update on ASU campaigns and to discuss the changes occurring in their workplace.

Unsurprisingly, they were outraged at the Federal Government’s planned cuts to the funding of homeless services. And in the words of one member, ‘it is the women and children who use our service who will bear the brunt of this.

As well as discussing the petition to show their disagreement with the government’s decision these members are ready to take action in support of the campaign.

A great time to hold workplace meetings!

With so many organisations returning to business as usual, there is an increasing expectation that people return to their workplaces.

Some members have experienced real benefits working from home, others are anxious to return, and some have genuine concerns about returning.

It’s not too late to hold workplace meetings and seek consultation with your employers.

Whether meetings are in person or a combination of zoom and in person, why not organise a meeting of ASU members at your workplace to discuss changes in your industry and your workplace?

Get in touch with your local delegate, your ASU organiser or the member contact centre if you’d like help setting up a meeting: | 1300 855 570

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