Your ASU representatives are currently in negotiations with CHW Management for a new Enterprise Agreement.

The Victorian State Government released a wages policy which has some influence on the way Enterprise Agreements in the State Public Sector are negotiated; providing two options, both which effectively stop our ability to negotiate in good faith. Capping Wage Increases at 2% per year for a three year term & a secondary pathway is to ‘Rollover’ the Agreement for one year only at 2.5%

The justification for this ‘non-negotiable’ cap from the State Government is partly that employees in the Victorian Public Sector have facility to progress through their banding increments on an annual basis.

The ASU has received a significant amount of feedback from members at CHW that this ‘progression’ through the banding increments is not happening as it should.

With this in mind and considering we are looking at the ‘Secondary Pathway’ option for a one year rollover we have some considerations for Members. We are therefore looking at essentially a few options.

– Seeking an increase of anything above 2.5% is a battle we will have to pursue against the Victorian State Government.
– Seeking a guaranteed ‘progression’ through the banding increments is a battle we can pursue internally, albeit a matter that may likely be required to go before a Fair Work Commissioner.

You can complete the survey of ASU members at Central Highlands Water here.

We are aware that other, larger State Public Sector authorities’ representative bodies are looking to challenge the State Government cap. We have the capacity to do that here, but it would require a strong, united and committed ASU membership to achieve an increase of above 2.5% if we are to take on Spring Street.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Dave Beckley | 0428 462 285 |

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