Your ASU bargaining team participated in the second Central Highlands Council Enterprise Bargaining meeting on Wednesday. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 14 October.

Further discussion on several ASU claims occurred at the meeting. However, management is yet to counter-offer on a number of the claims.

You will find an update that summarises the progress to date here.

We know members are committed to negotiating but are reluctant to see negotiations stall particularly as the 1 July 2020 salary increase claim is now overdue.

Please attend the most suitable Enterprise Bargaining update meeting below to have your say on where to from here.

DATE: Thursday 8 October
TIME: 12pm

DATE: Wednesday 14 October
TIME: 8am
VENUE: Hamilton Hall

For further information please contact:
Your ASU Bargaining Team: Kathy Bradburn, Justin Wickham, Cody Bannon, Nathan Lovell
ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor | 0459 228 612 |

Remember to invite your non-member colleagues to come along and join. Our ability to secure a good outcome relies on us standing together.

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