Your ASU Union Bargaining team met with Central Highlands Council Management on Wednesday and tabled the Union Log of Claims on behalf of members. It was a productive meeting. We will meet again on September 30.

Whilst we are very early on in the process of negotiations, you can view an update here that summarises Management’s preliminary responses. Many items remain in discussion and this is not a final position from either party.

For more information please contact:
ASU Bargaining Representatives Kathy Bradburn, Justin Wickham, Cody Bannon, Nathan Lovell
ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor | 0459 228 612 |

Members are invited to attend the meeting convenient for them. Invite your non-member colleagues to come along and see what being ‘union’ is all about.

DATE: Wednesday 30 September
TIME: 8am
VENUE: Hamilton Works Depot

DATE: Tuesday 29 September
TIME: 10am
VENUE: Bothwell Office (Chambers) or

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