Your current EBA provides for travel allowance within the municipality to be paid as follows:

  1. Between clients (but not from home to the first client, nor from the last client to home, or where a free allocation of less than an hour or a meal break has been allowed on the roster);
  2. Travel in excess of 15 km;
  3. For a break (other than a designated lunch break) of more than hour between rostered jobs, paid time and kilometres to home and return to the next rostered job.

These travel rates are as follows:

From 11 Nov 2017 From 10 Nov 2018 From 9 Nov 2019
4 cylinder car $0.9008 per km $0.9175 per km $0.9344 per km
6 cylinder car $1.0932 per km $1.1134 per km $1.1340 per km

The ASU has been advised that these entitlements may not have been paid to all HACC workers.

ASU members are advised to check their pay, and if unsure to approach management to discuss any queries in this regard.

Following this, ASU members are advised to contact the union to seek advice and/or representation in this matter.

If you have any queries please contact CGSC HACC delegate Glenda Simmons or
ASU Organiser Danny Harris | 0419 506 337 |

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