ASU Delegates Russel Belshaw and Patricia Binks have been active in promoting the value of union membership at Centacare in Ballarat.

As a key part of the ASU’s work advocating for members, they have made sure that as issues arise that affect members, there are effective and efficient mechanisms to address member concerns.

As a result of this good work, the ASU has secured a commitment from Human Resources about regular meetings and open lines of communication where issues that concern members can be raised and resolved. These meetings will be held every 4 months and involve management and union representatives.

These meetings are also an opportunity for Centacare to inform the ASU of changes at Centacare and a commitment to consultation where members may be affected.

Union strength is growing at Centacare as members are becoming more organised, more active and recruiting new members.

And most importantly, ASU delegates are asserting their positions and working to improve working conditions for members.

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