The ASU has been informed of the amalgamation of Centacare Ballarat; Catholic Care Melbourne/Gippsland, and Catholic Care Sandhurst to form Catholic Care Victoria from 1 January 2021.

The ASU and Ballarat Delegates were briefed on November 12, by Centacare Ballarat, CEO Tony Fitzgerald and Karen Willey General Manager People & Organisational Development, and the following assurances were provided:

  • All Staff will retain all current pay, conditions, and continuity of service at transition
  • As Staff at Catholic Care Sandhurst and Melbourne/Gippsland are coming under the auspice of CentaCare Ballarat (the body that will transition to Catholic Care Victoria on Jan. 1), they will be required to sign a new contract that will take effect Jan 1 2021
  • These contracts do not alter any pay and/or conditions
  • Centacare Ballarat staff are not required to sign a new contract as the only change to their conditions is that they will be employed under Catholic Care Victoria
  • Possibilities to work across and at sites closer to home
  • Possibility of programs expansion
  • Enhanced Career progression and employment possibilities
  • Future Funding applications strengthened as Catholic Care having whole of state agency status

Change can be confronting at the best of times, let alone amongst a global pandemic.

The ASU will make sure member’s welfare, interests and employment security is at the forefront of any discussions and consultations.

Now is the time to continue to build our Union presence and strength, so please take every and any opportunity to work with Delegates to build our union power.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your active and committed ASU Delegates and/or
ASU Organiser Chaz Volpe | 0428 734 459 |


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