The value of collective action and dedicated delegates and organisers was on show recently at Banyule City Council.

ASU members at the Banyule depot recently noticed additional CCTV installed around the worksite.

There were already some CCTV cameras up, but with another 6 units installed, some pointing at toilets, it was clear the purpose of the new cameras was purely to watch employees.

Understandably, ASU members at the depot were upset at the apparent breach of privacy, and sought union intervention.

The ASU initiated the dispute resolution process contained in the Enterprise Agreement, using Banyule’s surveillance policy’s requirements to consult on installations as the basis for the dispute.  And a meeting was arranged with the depot Manager and Senior HR Manager.

ASU delegates and the organiser turned up early on the morning of the meeting, just to be informed the HR manager hadn’t turned up. As management wouldn’t meet without HR support, the ASU immediately wrote to the director and demanded the CCTV cameras be uninstalled, until consultation had occurred.

Management responded that afternoon, confirming members’ right to consultation and that until consultation occurred the cameras would be uninstalled or disabled.

This was a good result for ASU members at Banyule and shows how the ASU provides workplace information, support and assistance to members.

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