ASU members at Catholic Care Victoria met with organisers Charlie and Tim this week about their concerns around the proposed restructure. Members discussed the disproportionate impact on Bendigo, Shepparton and Echuca, and the unclear redeployment options for staff whose roles are being made redundant.

Organisers subsequently notified CCV management and later met with them regarding your feedback.

Today, CCV management have agreed to extend the consultation period to end COB this Friday.

We strongly encourage you to provide feedback on the restructure, whether it’s about the direct impacts on you, impacts on your reporting line, the impact on particular sites or programs etc.

Management has also agreed to uphold the status quo in regard to site-specific workplace conditions.

Have you encouraged your colleagues to join the ASU? They can sign up here: <join link>

If you have questions about this notice, please get in touch with

ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 | or
ASU Organiser Charlie Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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