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Inaugural Geelong ASU Members Network Meeting

EBA Update – Citipower PowerCor

Preparatory to this Thursday’s meeting we are circulating the latest offer from management to allow for a more meaningful discussion about its merits. The following is a without prejudice offer; no in-principle agreement has been struck as this is something we feel...
Inaugural Geelong ASU Members Network Meeting

Energy Australia ASU Meeting

Energy Australia has commenced the process of restructuring the maintenance and assets team. It is predominately the planners affected by this proposed change, but at this point, we are not sure where these changes will end. We have been in consultation with Energy...
Inaugural Geelong ASU Members Network Meeting

AusNet – ASU Enterprise Agreement Update

The ASU held a member meeting last week to discuss management’s enterprise agreement proposal and the proposed transition to a new classification structure based around the modern Power Industry Award. The wages offer remains the same, a quantum of 3.5% per annum...