The ASU has been provided with a draft document which we have now reviewed.  We are still in discussion with Council on some of the terms as part of the consolidation of Part B (The Award) into Part A.

We have summarised the changes in a brief document that you can download here.

Wages offer:

1% backpay (rate cap for this period was 2%)
2022-rate cap
2023-rate cap
$1000 sign on bonus (IMPORTANT: this is Pro- Rata for part-time staff, it will be taxed and superannuation deducted)

Based on member feedback following the last round of meetings, members were very clear that a dollar amount was important.  Why?  Because it ensures that the lower banded employees obtain a higher increase- they get penalised for not earning as much when we strictly deal with percentage increases.

1.5% on a band 3D is approx. $18.48 vs $31.62 for a band 7D per week.  Do you think this is fair?

The dollar amount works as a safety net for lower-paid workers.

Although improvements to conditions are welcomed, there are worrying reductions which translate to loss of income for workers.

ASU members have indicated previously that they won’t stand for this.

It is critical to talk to other staff in your area about why it is important that they Vote No. Every worker gets a vote, not just ASU members. We can’t begin to try to turn this around without at least 50% of votes against the offer.


Stay tuned for upcoming meeting dates where we will go through all of this in more detail!

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