EBA negotiations recommenced towards the end of last year. The ASU provided council with an updated log of claims and Council had also tabled their log of claims.

Council’s log consists of;

  • Claims resulting in improvements on current entitlements & access to new entitlements, for example, Annual leave cash out, Gender Affirmation leave.
  • Claims to consolidate and standardise the indoor and outdoor provisions; in some instances, this will see a reduction for some employees and an increase for others.
    We will seek that the higher amount applies in these instances to ensure no one is worse off.
  • Reduction in entitlements; specifically the Travel allowance and as mentioned above through councils intention to standardise rates this will be a reduction in entitlements for some.

We are yet to receive the pay offer, we will likely receive this at our next meeting on 3 February. 

We seek your initial views on councils log of claims via this survey and will run member meetings (most likely via Zoom) once a pay offer has been put forward.

The survey is critical to understand what parts of council log are most contentious or supported by you.

Consolidation Process
The ASU has completed the review of the consolidated document which will form the bases of the negotiations moving forward. There were several omitted clauses, we have requested these be reinserted to ensure there is no reduction in conditions.

Delegate Role
It is vital that all areas of council are represented – if your department doesn’t have a delegate, now is the time to step up!  We provide paid training and you will join a group of likeminded delegates.

View your current Delegates here.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio | 0466 880 508 | ldipietrantonio@asuvictas.com.au

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