As members are aware your ASU representatives sought assistance from the Fair Work Commission to assist with a dispute regarding a lack of consultation.

The ASU strongly believed that Casey management had failed in their obligation to consult with your union whilst establishing an Aged and Disability Services review.

The ASU was concerned that a final decision would be made with regards to transitioning services without having properly consulted.

Yesterday the Fair Work heard ASU’s argument on this and agreed that Casey management needed to do more to fully consult and to involve your union.

In addition, a lengthy discussion was had regarding ASU’s experience working with other councils faced with the challenges of delivering services in a precarious funding environment. Casey management agreed that working with the ASU could prove to be advantageous.

Both the ASU and Casey reached an agreement that we would work together to share information and knowledge and work towards our common goal of minimising a negative impact on our members and the vulnerable community within Casey who rely on these services.

Outcomes from the commission conference were that an initial meeting will be held between ASU and Casey management this Friday, ASU Delegate Debbie Kennan will be in attendance, to work through the documentation that will be going to councillors.

The Fair Work Commissioner will then assist with 2 consultation meetings in January between Casey management and ASU representatives to ensure that a proactive and thorough process is followed.

ASU representatives will commence a plan to hold membership meetings to seek feedback from members regarding the review. Details will be advised soon.

Securing the commitment to consult didn’t come easily, ASU members stood up and won. By increasing our numbers and strength we can and will continue to fight to improve your working lives.

Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join today. If you would like to join the union, please visit:

Thank you to the ASU delegates who played a vital role in securing this win.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Joanne McEvoy | 0437 035 721 |

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